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My art’s point of departure is usually a combination of material, emotion, and figure. I am interested in the ability to convey an emotional and external world with shape, color palette, and texture. Most of my works are motivated by the desire to characterize a figure, whether figuratively or in a more abstract manner. The figures I depict resonate my autobiographic world, alongside reflections on archetypical figures. Architypes that employ motifs of motherhood, femininity, or masculinity. I aspire to delineate the boundaries of these figures while setting them against contemporary perceptions, which are often laced with dark humor.

In my art, I explore this proximity of inner and external world by merging various materials and techniques. Most of my recent work is based on a mix of figurative oil painting and a combination of nontraditional materials taken from folk art, shamanism, or simply “leftovers of life.” My artworks are largely rooted in experiences of “womanhood,” which for me are manifested in the use of traditional crafts like sewing, knitting, weaving and more. Most of my works are carried out on different types of fabric or wood. They are characterized by bold colors and collagist nature that can also be arranged into different installations in diverse ensembles.

In my recent series of work, my engagement with textile solidified. To a large extent, this practice is indebted to my family’s rich historical relationship with textile. My grandfather was a tailor and my grandmother did needlepoint and sewing for many years. Her work was more creative than functional, and in a way, this has also inspired my own work. I keep different textiles and embroidery works that I did or collected over the years. From my childhood in the U.S, through my years as a teenager in Ashkelon, an art student in Tel Aviv and Sweden, to today, when I am a young mother. My autobiographical textile collection holds different stories, some of which find their way into my works and others are left as the piece’s genetic code. Only I can decipher this code, however the viewer can sense the added value to the piece, though not always discover its source.

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